DAVE (Singer)

Dave joined the band back in the summer of 2008, (there's a song there somewhere!) with a view to starting on the pub scene playing a mixture of music new and old that was well known and would suit the general publics tastes. 

At his first rehearsal the band's set list was just what he was looking for, and along with that found the musical talent of the band was really impressive, so much so he had to learn some new songs and pretty quick to keep up with them!

Dave's interest in music originally started at the age of 16 learning to play the guitar, and after realising he couldn't, decided to try singing instead.

Later Dave and a friend decided to visit Goldsmiths college in South East London for some evening classes and take it from there.

During this period he met with some locals and formed his first cover band. His friend had also started a band who were writing their own songs (you may have heard of him, Conner Reeves) who went on to have 3 top twenty hits of his own, and has written with Tina Turner, Artful Dodger, Rod Stewart, Blue, Joss Stone, whilst Dave got a proper job……..!

After this Dave partnered a talented guitarist and songwriter called Tony Hallinan, and formed '2 Experienced'. They recorded two songs and landed a three year management deal with Tigon records.

After a break from the music business Dave experimented with writing his own music and doing the occasional recording session, co-writing an album under the name of 'Monkeypuzzle'.  Later he joined a newly formed band, writing and performing original material in the Reading area called 'Chocky', although it was difficult to get recognition when the public didn't know the songs, and it was after that when he joined Whipjack.

He is the tall one generally found near the middle at the front……Often heard to say…..”Am I in this one?”



RUSSELL (Guitar)

Russell has played guitar of and on for 20 years. The highlight was his first gig at Friars Aylesbury supporting The Commitments.

It's been down hill ever since. He's also a producer and songwriter and has his own studio in Oxfordshire which he uses when not playing Xbox. www.russellleak.com











STEVE (Bass)

Steve is a founder member of the band and the last of the original line up. He blagged his way into music by pretending he knew one end of a bass from the other!! (A subject still up for discussion!!)

After a short spell (and one gig) with a band called "Mind the Gap" Steve moved on and Point Blank was spawned.


Other guises were to follow…..Puzzle Factory, Blue Juice and the much loved Nelly-Ghost-Dog, until finally Whipjack emerged from the rock and roll ashes. After several changes of personnel, we now find ourselves with a settled and well-balanced line-up.

Steve comes from a rock based background, but enjoys a wide variety of music including:- pop/blues/metal and even the odd piece of classical.

He isn't really influenced by one Bassist in particular, but is in awe of anybody who can use all four strings!!



KEITH (Drums)

A late arrival to the music scene and have been playing drums since the mid life crisis kicked in and am loving every minute of it!

Joined what is now 'Whipjack' in around 2006 after a brief spell with another band known as Lazy Guns. Bad band names seemed to have followed for a while with the exception of the one outing under the moniker 'Nelly Ghostdog', still love that one!!

Been with the band through a couple of changing phases until recently settling with the addition of guitarists Russ and Daryll, since then things have really kicked on.

Influenced by all types of music and in particular some great drummers past and present, most notably Steve White.

Particularly loves the fact that the drummer is first to load in, last to load out and has the most amount of gear to move. Never moans but has been heard to mutter 'Next time round I'll learn the triangle.'

Still awaiting the trappings of rock’n’roll fame!




DARYL (Guitar)

Daryl has owned various guitars for the last 12 years, but due to life getting in the way he only started playing 'properly' in the last 4 years (However, the term 'properly' is open to interpretation..!).

He's been in several local rock bands (and has even written a few songs for a popular Aylesbury-based band. No, it's not the singing tramp who hangs around McDonalds) before coming along to join Whipjack, where he has increased the hair-factor considerably.

His musical tastes are firmly in the rock and blues camp, with the likes of Slash, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Steel Panther, Poison, Iron Maiden, The Darkness and many others blasting out of his stereo. However, his guilty pleasure would have to be The Osmonds (we're told they're one of the most impressive bands he's ever seen...).

Influences include Slash, Justin and Dan Hawkins, Angus Young and a lot of the 80's guitarists!

Currently, Daryl spends his musical time between Whipjack and his other band, King Loud. He can often be found at gigs rocking in the crowd while playing a solo, and has been known to go and play outside the venue while the rest of the band wonder how he'll manage to get back in...!